Watch the trailer for Pablo Iraburu and Miguelxto Molina’s documentary “Walls” (2016). Leave a comment: “People are born to move”. Do you agree?

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  1. For me, people can move, but because of the laws and administrative procedure that must be done now, you have prepare everything in advance and have money to travel or live in another country .Yes, these people are looking for happiness and better life but I think it is very complicated for people who can not afford and can not make a visa etc.

  2. Yes indeed people can move and so on but it will be linked to the political situation of their country, or to natural disasters and so on … All this to say that it is not their fault we should not see this as an invasion of migrants but rather as a relief for these people who are mostly in difficulty we born
    all equal never forget this paragraph is for you Mrs B.

  3. In my opinion, people need to move, as it is often said that humans are sedentary, so we should be able to move without restrictions. But the fact is that not everyone can move where they want to because of geographical restrictions (oceans…), and the law who not permitted people to cross border without permission.

  4. Yes for me people are born to move because there are a lot of countries in the world ,we have one life so we must enjoying our life time and travel to discover other places. So yes for me people have to move all around the world !

  5. Yes, because we see that today people travel for different reasons (holiday trips, family trips, medical trips…). This shows me that people can be born to move.

  6. In my opinion, some people are made for travelling and others are not. Indeed, it varies according to the desires, needs and possibilities of each person. Travelling allows you to acquire knowledge, to open up to other cultures but also to discover yourself. But, there will always be people who do not feel the need to travel and who will be satisfied with their usual environment, either because they are afraid of the new or because they are simply not interested. So I only partly agree with this statement.

  7. Yes, In my opinion people are born to move because if you want to discover the world and new thing you have to move
    Ex: If were you living do not suit you, You have to move to be better and enjoy your life
    So yes people are born to move and we are not status!

  8. people are born to move, because they can not remain intimately in the same house or city, we are forced to make new discoveries to discover new horizons, new city countries and others. thank you

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