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Should US citizens care about their politicians’ private lives?

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    In my opinion knew the private life of the politician is pain because is their life and hasn’t at excavate their intimacy. I think that the familial secret of the politicians must be guard of the light of the people (and by there that this secret mustn’t to be show up at world). Guard the familial secret is an expedient for to save the child(ren) ‘soul and evolve than they catch not the pregnant head and become pretentious. The protection of the secret familial lets at the family of to have an ordinary life. For protect the secret familial and check-up than the politician is reliable you have to know the means (s) used to gain power.

    1. jade

      Valentine I agree with you the family secret should stay between the family and not be exposed to the big day because it is their intimacy!

    2. Stive

      Hey Valentin, I share the same opinion as you, people do not have to worry about the family life of politicians, like you said : ” familial secret of the politicians must be guard of the light of the people”. Family secret must stay out of politics.

  2. jade

    As I see it, citizens should not be concerned about the private vacuum of politicians because they are people like them, like us, who need their private space without necessarily being able to feel themselves observed. In addition, citizens tend to mix private life and work for example if an elected official uses drugs or cheats his wife they immediately associate it with his career and therefore see him differently, It should not be our concern even if their living conditions directly impact their working lives. They are people like them and like us I repeat! To understand, you have to put yourself in their place to see what it does, but few people do it, and that’s why they get involved. To conclude, they should be allowed the freedom to be themselves and not persecute them

    1. Joseph Dachelene

      I’m agree with you Jade but you can’t elect someone i don’t know so at that point how do we vote for those who are supposed to represent us?


      Concerning your jade answer, I am totally of your opinion because indeed the people tend sometimes to use certain details of the life quite “shameful” (like cheating on his wife) and many others which can be very contradictory for their political careers.

    3. Lucie FRAUMAR

      I don’t agree with you, Jade, these are people who are supposed to represent us for most politicians, so we have a right to know a minimum of their lives. Although some domains remain private of course but if they do something that constitutes an offense or a crime we have the right to know it even if it happens at a private time

  3. Joseph Dachelene

    I think that citizens should allow politicians to lead the same life as them and therefore to know and be able to put a barrier between private and public life. However, it is important to know who you are electing and to be able to refer to politicians, for that you have to know them. We would then have to find a happy medium so that we can get to know them but they can also maintain a certain privacy despite having to be transparent with citizens. Finally, I would say that citizens should put themselves in the shoes of politicians, we all have a right to our privacy and it is important to preserve it.


      I completely agree with you Dachelène in the sense that you express the fact that politicians and the population must have a stage of equality in the way of life

    2. Matteo TRUPIANO

      I agree with you Dachelene. The problem is that’s difficult to control this limit between private and public life, because there will always be journalists who will report to citizens by searching in politicians’privacy and therefore, by disturbing politicians’ entourage.

    3. Jeyan auffeves

      I agree with you dachelene, we must succeed in knowing a president well enough to elect him while leaving him a private life, for that we must respect the privacy of others but some do not succeed …

  4. Kāttełine

    In my opinion,
    American citizens have a right to demand the truth about the private lives of politicians who use certain values in their campaigns. Someone who, in public debate, advocates certain behaviours, for example, praises marriage or condemns abortion must himself respect them. If that person has a mistress, he or she should not be offended if this is reported.

    The second case where politicians should not hide their private life is if they have made it an element of political communication by having their photo taken with their wife or husband, their children, their dog, etc. as we saw with Barack Obama. Giving a photo is not enough, you have to agree to go all the way, out of a concern for honesty. Especially if you have yourself, in all conscience, given away your private life.

    On the other hand, I believe that we should leave alone those who, in no way and at no time, have used their private life as an element of communication, nor certain behaviours as campaign tools. This kind of information has no connection with public affairs and, above all, it concerns only them. That said, they can refuse to talk about their family, because you have to protect your entourage. All elected officials, men or women, are often forced to erect a protective wall between private and public life.


    In my opinion, I think that American citizens or regardless of nationality have the right to care about the privacy of politicians because knowing their pasts, this will allow voters to know the personality of the politician and know in which political system they will be embarked and then citizens are entitled to demand the truth about the private lives of politicians in order to analyze certain criteria that will lead them to make the right choice and thus establish enormous confidence. On the other hand, it is not very advisable to citizens to know the private life of politicians because some very sensitive subjects (such as sentimental, love, family life) can be used to harm their campgane

    1. Johana

      I’m totaly agree with you Jessy. Citizens need to know their policiancs’ private life to help them make the right choice. But as you said, policiancs’ private life can be used for harm their political campaign. We have many exemple: Gary Hart or currently, François Fillon

  6. Johana

    From my point of view, citizens should care about their politicians’ private life. I think it’s importance for confidence. Indeed, citizens more easier place their confidence in a politician who is a good father than in a politician who beats his children.
    Moreover, it’s important for citizens because they want to know if the political figure meets
    their expectation, which can be for exemple intelligence or charity.

    However, on my opinion, politicians private life should’nt be the most important, but the most important should be the political program. Indeed, our society is based on appears, but sometimes, appears are deceptive. For exemple, just because a political figure is a great husband doesn’t mean he can make good decision for the country.

    1. Virgile

      I’m agree with you Johana, the citizens can care about the politician’s private life but it must not be something that becomes preponderant as for example when citizens vote for a president, in this case citizens vote for the politic figure and not for the man in his private life.

    2. Stive

      Hey Johana, I have a mixed opinion on your point of view, citizens don’t have to care about the private life of politicians, because, like you said, the most important thing is their political agenda and not what they do in their private life.

  7. Lucie FRAUMAR

    From my perspective, politicians have a right to privacy, but they certainly won’t. We are from a world where information circulates quickly, we know their faces and we want to know their privacy because politicians represent us. Is this lack of indiscretion on the part of citizens justified? I think so. First of all they represent us, they are the way of the people, some on different political opinions allowing the people to be able to situate their political opinion thanks to these representatives. But how do you trust someone you don’t know? Personally I could not identify myself with someone who has committed a crime or a big crime, it is also important for me that politicians respect their political ideas in their private life otherwise I would feel betrayed. Of course they don’t have to be perfect, they have the right to live, to have fun, they have the right to be drunk at 4 o’clock in the morning on the side of the road but they have to stay in their private life in the politically correct, by respecting the laws as any citizen some minor mistakes can be acceptable. Unfortunately I don’t think they can have a private life.

    1. Margaux Bernodat

      I share your opinion Lucie. In no case will we want to prevent politicians from having a life. They are humans like us and they surely made mistakes and still do. But we want sincerity because it is the most important. Politics these days are far too insincere. We want straight, straightforward and honest people who have the shoulders to support all those lives that rely on them. We want to know who they are, but they obviously have the right to live. Otherwise, we will never be able to identify with dishonest people.

  8. Matteo TRUPIANO

    From my point of view, politicians have to be trustworthy, so US citizens should know about politicians’ stories, about their path, what they did earlier, their ideologies. And this pass through their private life. I believe a good politician is someone who learnt by his errors, and who isn’t bad-tempered in his private life, which avoid some possible scandals during public moments. Besides, a good politician has to be an example to be able to represent people. Therefore, his private life determines that. But of course, journalists and citizens shouldn’t disturb politicians’ family by reporting these informations, because they also need peaceful.

  9. Virgile

    In my opinion, the citizens should not care about the politician’s private life because we’re not concerned with their privacy, everyone should be able to benefit to a life aside to the spotlight. The life of famous person is very under pressure, there is mass media so that not help the politicians to take better decisions and to govern goodly a country. We are only concerned with his role in politics, his actions and his fights.
    A president can be a very good president even if he is not popular, uncomfortable with media, journalists. I don’t understand why people need to know each of the fragments of the life of the person who commands them and who represents their country. We should not choose a head of state in relation to his personality and what he does with his life.

  10. Margaux Bernodat

    From my point of view, I think that U.S citizens should care about their politicians’ private life. For me, being a citizen is acquiring the right of knowing the life of politicians who lead our country. The political figure is very important for the country. We give our lives and our trust, so it is legitimate to know who they are and who control our country. We can’t give our future to them if we don’t know who they are. So, as we entrust them with the task of protecting us, we have a right to know about their past mistakes and their lives.

  11. Jeyan auffeves

    I believe that a person’s private life should be kept private no matter what their profession, because everyone needs privacy in order to be able to focus on themselves. For the job of president, you still need to know a minimum of things about the person who directs us as if he has a wife, children, if he is married or single, his life situation … But we must not abuse because public figures are often harassed by the press who seek to reveal every detail of their life to the whole world through TV, social networks or even magazines. The president is also a human and seeing his entire life exposed to the general public could even have a negative impact on his five-year term.

    1. Joshua

      I totally agree with you, I think the same thing, you’re right we shouldn’t know everything about their private life.

  12. Larra Demosthene

    For my part, I think that knowing the private life of the president is not necessary. Everyone can have their own life ,and being a political figure should not justify the sharing of information. I agree with Jeyan because nobody is perfect everyone makes mistakes and I will find his normarle if a president does not wish to reveal all his private life.

    1. Stive

      Hey Larra, that’s how I see it too, private life of a politician doesn’t have to become the number one priority for citizens, and like you said, being a politicians does not mean sharing private information, they are humans being too, and they do have a life before being political figure.

  13. Joshua

    Yes I think we should pay attention to the private life of politicians because to know if they are good people and what to expect in politics but also I think we should not know everything about their private life because they deserve to have a minimum of privacy because if we know about all of them malicious people could harm their life.

  14. Stive

    In my opinion, U.S citizens don’t have to worry so much about the privacy of politicians, because they can’t spy on people for no reason, under pressure whatever they do, being followed every day, it will be like a prison for them. Politicians are also humans beings, like us, they have a freedom. However, in some way, if a politician is suspected of illegal actions, like corruption, then from that moment on, U.S citizens will be able to pay more attention to the private life that politician.

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