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(New Bridges 1ère p.14-15)

“The world is your oyster” means your life lies ahead you and you will have lots of opportunities to find something of great value.

  1. Describe the picture briefly and say in what way it illustrates the expression “The world is your oyster”.
  2. What opportunities for meeting people all over the world does modern technology open up?
  3. What about you? Would you say that the world is your oyster? LEAVE A COMMENT.

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  1. Yes I would say the world is an oyster because this world is multicultural. I can always learn from other because of different traditions. It can be by internet or when I travel with my family

  2. In my opinion the world is an oyster because of the number of people in the world and all of them can give you greats opportunities or learn you somethings new.

    1. Mrs B

      Thank you Muphylee. In this case you should rather write “TEACH you something new”. I agree with you. There are many things to learn from each others.

    1. Mrs B

      Hello Janel, you didn’t answer my question. Moreover, you have to write in English.

  3. yes, for me the expression “the world is an oyster “ is real because each one has his objective to wait for, therefore his pearl. I think that everyone must have a “pearl” to find to be happy.

    1. Hello , I would say that yes indeed the world could be my oyster 😂 I still have so much to discover ✈️in this world 🌎 full of new encounters 🙂 and here you go and have a great day Mrs B. « 👋 »

  4. For me, like I’m not sociable and the majority of my friends are gone abroad, modern technology helps me a lot to communicate. However, I don’t like to meet new people in general so no, for me the world is not my oyster even though people can always teach us things and offer us a lot.

  5. For me the expression “the world is an ostyer” means that the world has a lot of traditions and cultures.

    1. Mrs B

      Thank you for your comment Anais. I corrected your mistakes. Keep on the good work!

  6. Yes I will say that “the world is my oyster”🗺, because maybe in the future🌠 we will have opportunities to find something of value✨, we cannot know what the future holds💁🏼‍♀️.

    1. Mrs B

      Thank you for your answer Noemie. I totally agree with you. The future is full of opportunities.

  7. Hello Mrs. B, for me “the world is your oyster” is a very significant expression because to succeed one can be confronted with various obstacles but one must persevere in life. While discovering new ways to communicate, new cultures, new things.

  8. Oui je dirais que le monde est mon huître car il existe sûrement de nouvelles facettes chez moi dont je ne connais pas encore la fin.

  9. I can say to myself that the world is an oyster because I am free to seize the opportunities that life has to offer. I can do anything I want, the world is my oyster even if I have a limit I feel somewhat free from my decisions. I can achieve anything I want in life or go anywhere because I have the opportunity or the ability to do it. It simply means that the oyster that is this world, is open to one, and if one is lucky, one might discover something special. This world is an oyster because in each oyster (which I consider the vision of each one, because we all have a different perspective) contain pearls of all sizes and different colors as the population of this world. I can do anything I want, the world is my oyster even if I have a limit I feel a little free from my decisions.

    1. Mrs B

      You’re completely right Sandrine! Even if there are limits, we can overcome them to reach our goals.

  10. Yes, because we are young and there are many things and many cultures to discover and learn from the world of lifestyle through new technologies that we could not

    1. Mrs B

      Thank you Ashley. However I don’t understand the end of your sentence. Maybe you mean “discover other lifestyles thanks to the Internet, which was not possible before”?

  11. Yes for me the word is an oyster because with the new technologies we can talk and meet some new people trough social media all around the world and now you can travel a lot. By the way, now it is possible to make some linguistic exchanges with other teenagers like us in different countries so I guess the world can be explored to discover other cultures 😉

    1. Mrs B

      Thank you for your comment Audrey 😉 Pay attention to the punctuation.

  12. For me ,the expression « the world is your oyster » means that you can achieve anything you wish in life and go anywhere because you have the opportunity or ability to do.

  13. Rubis

    In my opinion, the World is an oyster because I’m lucky to have a certain openness to the world. To be part of the 21st century, therefore, to have to carry the new technology, allow communication and sharing, on the internet but also in real life that allows the knowledge of languages, people therefore different cultures. But also learning, education in school.

    1. Mrs B

      Thank you Rubis. What do you mean by “to have to carry the new technology”? Anyway I understand the main idea. I suggest you to write shorter sentences in order to be clearer.

  14. My opinion of the expression “the world is your oyster” is that you can do whatever you want, go to your dream place and discover new cultures and new people

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