Are you living an “Insta Lie”?

Before the class :

  1. Look at the still and guess what the girl is doing, and why.

2. Give a definition to “Insta-lie”

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  1. @Sophie

    1. She’s taking a picture of herself when she wakes up in order to post it on social media and make her followers believe that the appearance she is showing through the photo is the one she has every morning. definition of INSTA LIE : It is the fact of giving a false image of what our daily life could look like to make everything appear more than perfect

    1. Mrs B

      Thank you for your comment Sophie. You’ve made a good analysis of the situation. Keep up the good work!

  2. Margaux Bernodat

    1) In this photo, I see a girl taking a selfie in her bed. She is posting her photo on Instagram and the caption (#Iwokeuplikethis) tells us that she pretends she is beautiful and in good shape when she wakes up. I guess that she’s showing a fake side of herself to get more likes and more followers thanks to her “perfect appearance.”

    2) For me an “insta-lie” what this photo denounces. It is a false appearance that people give themselves to make believe that they have something more in their life and that they are perfect under all circumstances. They want to satisfy their ego with likes and followers to feel better mentally. It’s a bit like an obsession.

    1. Mrs B

      Thank you for your comment Margaux! You’re right, people lie on Instagram to satisfy their ego. You’re doing a good job!

  3. JESS973

    1)At 18 seconds from the video, we can see a young woman on her bed. She is posting a photo of herself on Instagram with the following hashtag (#Iwokeuplikethis). We also see that she has put make up and she has combed her hair. After watching the entire video, we can deduce that this young girl posts photos that do not represent her lifestyle and that she does this just to be a little more known and famous.

    2)”insta lie”: an insta lie is when someone posts a photo on Instagram that absolutely doesn’t match to their real lives (for example=Michael is in a shoe store, he sees a pair of Christian Dior, he is going to take a picture of it as if he bought it except that he can’t afford it, he did this for his followers)

  4. Meilee

    1.In this photo i see a girl taking a picture of herself in the morning in her bed, she may have just woken up and is already taking a photo of herself to post on her Instagram.
    2. for me the definition of insta lie is the fact of living a life “cool for others” but in fact it is not reality, because everything that we post on social media is only a pack of lies so that others admire us and like our photos seeking popularity.

    1. Mrs B

      Thank you for your comment Meilee. As you said, there is a gap between what people post on social media and reality.

  5. Matteo TRUPIANO

    1) She is taking a picture of herself to post it on social media. She is doing this to show her followers that she is happy and has a perfect life which is not true in the real life.
    2) Insta-lie is when people share their life by lying on what they ate or what they bought for example.

    1. Mrs B

      Thank you for your comment Matteo. Well done!

  6. littleprincess

    1) In the video we can see that the girl has barely woken up, she has gone to the shower, she has washed her face, then she has put make-up on and finally she lies down on the bed next to the man and takes a selfie, making sure that nothing else but her head appears in the photo, we have the impression that she is well installed by herself but in reality there is someone next to her and she is in pyjamas, while her face says the opposite.

    2)If I had to give a definition to “insta lie” it would be “illusion” because all along the video we can see that there is a big difference between the photos people post on social networks and reality, we can also see that they invent a life just to have subscribers and likes. The life they lead on social networks is not the life they lead in reality, what they show, what they say on the networks is not at all that in reality, everything is just “illusion”.

    1. Mrs B

      Thank you for your comment! Try to write shorter sentences for them to be clearer. Anyway, you’re on the right track!

  7. Lucie FRAUMAR

    1.In this video the girl puts make-up to post her photo in the morning. She does this to have followers, likes and above all to feed her page. Moreover, she displays a fake face on her photos. We can see that she seems in a good relationship with her boyfriend, on her pictures and comment, which is not the case.
    2.I think that “insta-lie” can be defined as the fact of creating a life on instagramm, by lying about reality and pretend to be someone they’re not, in order to feel appreciated by having likes…

    1. Mrs B

      Thank you for your comment Lucie. Your definition is good. Keep it up!

  8. Larra Demosthene

    1)In this picture we can see a girl on her bed and taking a picture. In reality she looks indifferent but in the picture she looks happy. I think she posted this photo for people around her can believe that she is joyful. In fact, in the society where we are currently living, the judgment of others takes more importance and is like that social networks have an influence on the way we think, about our appearance and our lifestyle.
    2)I think Instagram-lie is inventing a life to be better seen in society

    1. Mrs B

      Thank you Larra! You’re right. Nowadays people are so judgmental that it influences our way of living.

  9. Joseph Dachelene

    1)In this video we see that the girl wakes up, puts some make-up on and then goes back to her bed to take a picture by putting the hashtag “iwokeuplikethis”” . We can see she uses instagram to give herself an image and thus make her followers believe she woke up with that face.
    2)Insta-lie for me is making people believe things by posting only what could bring us likes, even if what we post is not real .

    1. Mrs B

      Thank you for your comment Dachelene. I would like you to develop your definition : “making people believe things”, what things? Anyway you’re on the right track! 😉


    1- The girl is taking a picture for his Instagram. She wants everyone to look and like her pictures.
    I think that she wants everyone to see that she has a perfect life.

    2- « insta-lie » means for me the life that YOU want to show, that you want people to see but it isn’t the real life.

    1. Mrs B

      Thank you for your comment Canelle. I’ve corrected it. There are some basic grammar points you need to review (Present tense, possessive adjectives…) but you’re on the right track 😉

  11. Johana

    1° I guess that the girl is taking a picture to post it in Instagram. May be she is bored or she wants to show herself.

    2°Insta-lie means posting pictures on Instagram that don’t reflect reality. It’s another life that you’ve created with pictures.

    1. Mrs B

      Thank you for your comment Johana. There were some mistakes but you’re on the right track. Keep it up!

  12. Dorange10

    1-In the video, we can see that what people publish is not what they do in reality because she takes a picture of herself when she wakes up with a lot of makeup to publish it on social media pretending she’s

    2-For me Insta-lie means to reflect an image that we try to convey to our subscribers that reminds them of reality but which is the exact opposite.

    1. Mrs B

      Thank you for your comment. Be careful, your sentence is incomplete. Anyway, it’s a nice try!

  13. LOUISV

    1) The girl is taking a selfie when she wakes up to pretend to her followers she is perfect even when she wakes up.
    2) for me, “Insta lie” it’s giving a false image of ourselves on the social media to appear perfect and not the real life and our real appearence.

    1. Mrs B

      Thank you for your comment Valentin. You’re right : people pretend to be perfect on social media. good analysis.

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