Social Media Issues

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  1. Djaba Firmina

    The impacts of social media on people’s is that in picture E knowing that they are at risk of dying they absolutely want to film or post pictures on video of a cruise boat that is sinking

  2. JN PIERRE Marie-Neriline

    The impact of social media on people’s behavior is very bad, a person can transform to become what people expect and want but also on the way of life we ​​spend more time on social media, on the mentality by being continuously on it we end up thinking differently about our mood as we can see in the first image, we see a selection in front of a laptop. He received a Facebook notification. He is surrounded by spider’s web. He feels lonely and depressed. The cortoonist hi the fact that social media are time-consunning and present people from haveng a social life.

  3. Ludcha

    Thanks to the documents we realize the impact of social media on the behavior of users. Indeed, social networks like Instagram Feckbook etc have a huge impact on people that is detrimental to their well-being like narcissism and a dangerous and bad obsession. On documents like the sinking of the Titanic: rather than save their lives or call to help the protagonist prefers to film the scene knowing that they risk dying but they absolutely want to film or post pictures on the video of a cruise ship sinking somewhat to increase their number of likes.


    There documents make us realize that now at every moment of their life, the human being uses his telephone. Whether he is in a critical situation or in society, he will take out his phone to take a picture, or to film or snap the moment. Since social networks have entered our lives, we constantly think about our image on our profile. And to perfect and give a beautiful image to our feed we do not hesitate to choose to take out his phone to immortalize a moment and share it with all our followers rather than savor this moment and keep it in us as a precious memory.

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