Meet Sophia

  1. Propose a definition of “A.I.” Can you give some examples?
  2. Look at the picture of Sophia. What do you think about this robot?
  3. Watch th video and give your impressions. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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  1. Margaux Bernodat

    1. A.I is the abbreviation of “artificial intelligence” and it is a theory implemented to give an intelligence similar to that of humans for machines. Exemples : Alexa, Google Home, applications and smartphones.
    2. Sophia is a robot who seems to have intelligence. Her face looks a lot like a human and I see that she’s talking. Instead of hair, it has a kind of transparent plastic that lets us guess an electronic system instead of a brain.
    3. I find this video good but scary at the same time. There has been an incredible technological advance and inventions are more and more attractive and they can be the solution for the future. But it’s also very scary to see that humans will surely have to share their lives with robots who will also be endowed with intelligence and they will surely be able to control our lives and our private space.

    1. Mrs B

      Thank you for your comment Margaux. Good analysis!


    1) definition of “IA”=Imitation of human intelligence using computer processes.For example Alexa of Amazone,Google Home…

    2)Sophia is a robot designed with many abilities due to artificial intelligence. besides being a robot his face looks so human, but what he differentiates from humans is all his processors installed in his brain unlike humans.

    3)What I conclude from this video is that AI has both good and bad points because Artificial intelligence in the wrong hands is a serious threat to humanity in general. but it also has considerable advantages such as making life at work easier. A videoconference meeting with an interlocutor on the other side of the globe

    1. Mrs B

      You’re right Jessy! AI has both advantages and disadvantages. Thank you for your comment!

  3. Johana

    1° Artificial Intelligence is a program invent by humans to create intelligente machine. For exemple cars which can drive without driver, kitchen connected, robots…

    2°I think this robot is very advance because she can do many things (speak, walk, answer at question, show expressions on her face). I’m very impress by Sophia because she speaks as a really person.

    3°A.I is a very interesting project because it will make easier the life of each person, and help people (with for exemple nursery robot’s). However, all this technology is scary because they are dangers. Indeed if all people are connected, it’s easier to keep watch over. Next if majority of our activites will do by machine, the quest is :”Will we depend of technology and machines?” I don’t believe that one days, robots going to take our place (as in movies and books), because I think machines can’t be independent.

    1. Mrs B

      Thank you for you opinion Johana. That’s interesting!

  4. Lucie FRAUMAR

    1.Artificial intelligence Iconsiste to implement a number of techniques aimed at allowing machines to mimic a form of real intelligence like some cars, Amazon’s Alexa, the Google home, our smartphones.
    2.When I see Sophia, I see a robot at first but you can see normal expressions on her face. When I see her I think about all the work done to get an almost human robot, I find it impressive.
    3.This video is interssante AI is a very interesting project because it will make everyone’s life easier, and help people but of course it scares a lot of people. What interests me most about the AI project is how they do it

    1. Mrs B

      Thank you for your comment Lucie. You’re right, Sophia is impressive!

  5. Ludcha

    1-AI is the abbreviation for “artificial intelligence” and is a theory used to give an intelligence similar to that of humans for machines. Examples: Alexa, Google Home, apps and smartphones.
    2- Sophia is a “quasi” human robot that possesses human expressions and characteristics like talking, walking and answering questions. This impresses and frightens me because Sophia has a lot of human characteristic despite all these artificial processes that differ from men.
    3-A. I is a very interesting and rewarding project because it will make every person’s life easier, and will help people despite the fear I feel because of new technologies.

    1. Mrs B

      Thank you for your comment Ludcha/ Yes, Sophia quite looks like a human!


    1. An A.I (artificiel intelligence) is a machine programmed and created by man, which can meet expectations, demands.
    For example, sofia is an artificial intelligence created to respond to requests such as personal assistance, respond to people, communicate …
    2. When we look at Sophia from a distance, we are far from suspecting that she is a robot.
    Its builders have all done to make it look as much as possible like a normal human being.
    3. By watching this video we realize the extraordinary work that the engineers have done on Sophia.
    When we see all of what it is capable of doing we can imagine if it’s a human or a robot.

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