Robot Teachers


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  1. jade

    No, I would not like to have a robot as a teacher because there will be no more human exchange, of natural interiaction the fact of seeing the teacher is more sympathetic because we can see the emotions he feels the genergy that he transmits to us we can also laugh with our teachers of a situation which will not be the same with a robot

  2. Margaux Bernodat

    No, I wouldn’t like to have a “robot teacher” because if they work for them, the teachers will no longer have a job and will be replaced. Even though robots might not be tired and faster, humans do the job better and better understand students psychologically. Personally, I like working with humans and I think teachers should stay human and not be replaced by robots.

  3. Kāttełine

    Personally, I would not like to have robots as teachers because teachers are human and can understand us, help us with our difficulties. Whereas robots are machines and can never replace a human. Moreover, teaching is not only for the exchange of information. It is for the teaching of essential personal skills and sociability as well. If teachers are robots, this is not possible. So teachers should not be robots.

  4. @Sophie

    Personally , I wouldn’t want to have a robot teacher because I prefer to have an interraction with a human . The robot has been programmed to perform the tasks requested for example if his task was to write the course it is only what he will do , he will not try understand whether it has been understood or not so I conclude that it has no emotions while an ordinary teacher (human) will have the ability to help us and to feel if we have difficulties and he can adapt accordingly if necessary


    So my take on the matter is that I would hate to have a teaching robot because as most of the comrades said; the educational robot would be very bad because it would sever social ties and human communication and a machine could not detect our emotions, our desires, our pains, our fears our dificulty of learn … In addition, it can be a danger for society because if its program is defective it can explode and cause dangers.

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