Beauty before and now

  • Compare both pictures. What do you notice?
  • How have Beauty standards evolved throughout history?

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  1. Jeyan auffeves

    This document shows the photo of the misses from some states in the United States and a photo from Vogue magazine where several women have seen. Before, women all wanted to look alike (beautiful, thin, fair skin), as shown in the picture, women were constantly sexualized and they all look alike. While Vogue magazine seeks to show particularity of each (tall, short, round, thin, all nationalities …) they are not suxualized either.

    1. Virgile

      The first picture is black and white, it’s an old picture where there are many women parading and posing in bathing suit for a beauty pageant. they look like so similar(height, clothes, smile, skin color).
      The second picture is a cover of a current magazine where I see 9 women totally different with different origins, different skin colors, different bodies and clothes. The title “New frontiers, the models changing the face of fashion” shows that the notion of beauty has changed, today the notion of beauty corresponds more to the diversity of cultures and origins than to a defined physical like 50 years ago.


    The title: “Beauty Before and Now” makes us understand that in the past, women with fair skin and all the assets that go with it were considered beauties except that the world is changing and mentalities are changing. all women regardless of their religion, their morphology, hair, skin color … whether white, black, Asian, African, it is this mixture of cultures and communities that highlight the beauty of women.

  3. Margaux Bernodat

    The first picture shows a beauty pageant contest in America in the forties. There is ten women who look similar : they have the same skin color : they are caucasian women, the same height, size, appearance, hairstyle ans the same pose with a big smile. They are weraing a bathing suit, high heels and a beach hat. This image represents the very strict view of beauty

    The second picture shows a cover from the magazine UK Vogue in 2018. There is nine women who are very different. The models are coming from various ethnicities and countries. They are wearing strict outfits with basic colors. Moreover, theirs sizes, skin color, shape or hair types. This image represents and highlights the diversity of the world and includes women from all countries. There is an inscription in the bottom who says “NEW FRONTERS; The models changing the face of fashion”. Beauty is now referred to as interior, has less criterias and is defined rather by character, origins, etc…

    So, we can say that beauty standards evolved throughout history because people’s mentality has changed and evolved. Nowadays, beauty is defined by the interior and the “beauty of the soul”. There is more inclusion diversity compared to before, when beauty was to be au caucasian woman with a perfect body and a pretty smile.

  4. Ludcha

    The first image shows The first image shows a beauty contest in America in 1940. Featuring ten Caucasian women who look similar to lookalikes be it skin color, height and weight as well as hairstyle etc. They wear a high heel jersey and can be seen in this image the beauty of the old days by almost identical Caucasian women without diversity and originality a vision of strict and impersonal beauty. The second photo, which is the cover of a Vogue magazine, shows today’s vision of fashion, i.e. without criteria. Featuring 9 women of different origin, ethnicity and religion. Models with the characteristics and morphology of each one can be seen. This image highlights the diversity of today’s world by including women.By powerful women confident and confident coming from “New Frontier” the model then change the face of fashion . Beauty is no longer external as it used to be and specific today it is inner and unique whether by the body, the color.
    Thus, we can say that the norms and criteria of beauty have evolved, beauty is today defined by the beauty of “the soul” and no longer physical models “that does not fit within the norms of the old days. There is more diversity and less inclusion compared to before, when the standard of beauty was the Caucasian woman with a defined body.

  5. Lucie FRAUMAR

    As we said in class the women in the first photo have the same facial, hair, skin color characteristics … This represented the idea of beauty at the time in 1940. On the second picture we saw in class that it is the opposite of the first picture. , women come from all backgrounds, different colors, all hair types …. What is interesting is that through these two documents we can see the evolution of the perception of beauty. Before it was necessary to enter into a precise norm to the point of all this resemblance, now The criteria of beauty diversify it passes first perception of self and notion one of well-beingbeing and self-preservation what I mean by the is that you don’t have to change to look beautiful.


    Thé difference between these two images is that one highlights a single type of women, white skin, smooth hair, thin waist, tall and the other imagines highlights all types of feminine beauty, hair frizzy, smooth hair, skin of all colors, different ethnicities, different religions, different morphology…
    Before the 1950s, women were just an object loved only for their looks.
    At that time, women had just obtained the right to vote and were increasingly fighting for gender equality.
    Now, the beauty of women is not judged by her physique but by her way of thinking, of expressing herself, her way of being.


    Before the criteria of beauty were restricted whereas now these criteria of beauty are broader. For example now all ethnicities are considered in terms of equal beauty whereas before only the country’s ethnicity was considered beautiful

  8. Kāttełine

    Comparing these two photos we can see that the concept of beauty has greatly evolved because mentalities have changed :
    the first picture shows many women, they look similar : they all have the same, size height, hairstyle, skin color, shape.They are wearing a bathing suit, a hat and high heels. They parade with a big smile in a beauty contest.
    the second picture is a cover from vogue, which shows many different women : they have different sizes, shapes, skin color, hair types, style etc.
    the title “new frontiers” on the cover of the magazine shows not only that there has been a change, a certain inclusion of new cultures and origins in the concept of beauty, in fact the models on the cover are physically different from each other, yet this does not pose any problem, on the contrary, these differences make the cover more interesting. Thanks to this, we can say that beauty is not based on appearance, but rather on the frame, the character, which makes each one different.

  9. Matteo TRUPIANO

    These pictures show young women who are posing for the camera. At the first one, we observe women who participate at the beauty pageant contest in the United states. Because of the contest’s conditions, these women wear the same hats, have the same size, the same shapes, which impose unfortunately a beauty standard in the society. Then, at the second picture which is a cover of the famous magazine “Vogue”, we can see women of different origins, different skin, types of hair, and shapes in contrary to the previous picture. This cover gives a real definition of Beauty today, which means that beauty can be found everywhere and doesn’t request a specified size or weight.

  10. Stive

    Through the two photos, we can see that the beauty has evolved since before, the beauty before (photo 1) was defined only by the exterior beauty and the color of the skin. Nowadays the definition of beauty has changed a lot we can see through the photo 2, that now any type of person (skin, origin) can be represented as beauty.

  11. jade

    Ces deux photos nous permettent de faire une comparaison entre « la beauté d’avant et la beauté de maintenant » sur la première photo comme nous l’avons analysé en classe on peut voir que c’était un concours de beauté en Amérique il y a un certain temps et on peut voir que les critères de beauté sont les mêmes c’est-à-dire clair de peau fine elles se ressemblent toutes par leur manière de se tenir et d’être habillé en revanche sur la deuxième photo nous pouvons voir que le critère de beauté est beaucoup plus diverses c’est-à-dire qu’il y a des femmes de toute couleur de peau d’origine et de morphologie. On peut donc en conclure que la beauté d’avant n’est plus celle de maintenant et que cela a évolué en bien car tout type de femme est accepté.

  12. Béandrice.-.

    on the first photo, we can see women with the same build, same hairstyle (straight hair) who are in swimsuits with a big hat parading with a big smile in a beauty pageant. on the second photo which is a cover from a very famous magazine we can very different women with different hair before very different (frizzy, smooth etc).
    these two photos show that there has been an evolution in the beauty criteria and also the title “new frontiers” allows us to see this evolution thanks to the new cultures. indeed the models on the cover are physically different from each other, indeed that does not pose any problem, one can say that the beauty is not based on the appearance, but rather on the framework, the character and the difference.

  13. LOUISV

    My slogan is rest yourselves in all circumstance.
    Beauty: ensemble of character physics and morale of a people

    Before the criteria of beauty are selective now then now the criteria of beauty are more inclusive. For that the ad either more inclusive he is doing present of people of all sex, of all origin, of people abled and disabled in short include everyone. In the future that conception of beauty can change for example exclude the white and the people disabled. It conception of beauty can therefore include that the black.

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