Fear of the Unknown

A. Choose a cartoon, describe it and analyse it.
B. What are the cartoonist’s goals in each one?
C. What do these cartoons have in common? Justify the title of the page.
D. Go further : What would it take to overcome differences and build bridges instead of building walls?

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Methodology : Describe a picture. Click on the button to download the file.

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  1. Matteo TRUPIANO

    In the first cartoon, we can observe the cartoonist drew a wall all around the United States, leaving alone the ex-president of this country. It criticizes this fact of closing borders with walls, which will maybe stop immigration but will also shut relationships with the other countries around. Finally, this cartoon gives us a pejorative idea of border’s walls.
    It seems that each cartoonist has represented a bad vision of the famous wall at the Mexican border. So, we can confirm they mock about this need of build a wall, separating people just because they are from another country, because they are different whereas they are humans.
    The title of the page, highlights what these cartoons illustrate, the fear of the unknown which means that building walls is just a way to avoid being scared about foreigners, exactly as these cartoons show us.
    I think that the best way to avoid building walls is that countries have to cooperate between them. Then, they would be able to trade and work together, which should give more advantages than building a wall. However, to ensure safety in the United States, instead of a wall, they should build roads with border controls, which would help the development of the nearest countries and so, people will be able to live correctly .


    I think we have to accept foreigners and open the doors of the country to them.

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