It’s a long road to the “land of Milk and Honey”


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  1. Margaux Bernodat

    The title refers to the name that Mexican gives to the United States. It’s a country where living conditions are good and people have the opportunity to make a lot of money.

  2. jade

    The text is a story of migrants arriving in the United States. They spoke of the expectations they had for this change of life but realized that this was only a vague figment of their imagination and that this was not the reality. The title inspires us a new air a place where presents opportunities and a better life, on the other hand with the text we can that it is not really that. Despite their disappointments they are still grateful for what they have.

  3. Joseph Dachelene

    The title of this text is a biblical reference, indeed the Land of Israel that was promised to Abraham and his descendants was a land where milk and honey flowed so in this text if we make a reconciliation the USA represents a promised land for the author nevertheless the reality it discovers is very different from this representation.

  4. Béandrice.-.

    For me the title refers to a biblical quotation where a land was promised to the children of Israel: “a land where milk and honey flow” that is to say where there will be happiness, joy etc. but the reality was obvious.

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