The Hate you Give

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Have you seen the movie “The Hate You Give”? If so, give your impressions.

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  1. Meilee

    This film was really interesting and touching, the relationship that the main actrise with his father is quite moving, the death of his friend is also very touching especially the way in which he is killed.
    From hatred to love through the injustice that men create in relation to their culture or their skin color, this film is a veritable cocktail of positive feelings despite everything. A must see

  2. Larra Demosthene

    In my opinion, this film perfectly reflects the reality of the life that black people have to lead in a country like the United States.
    Through this film filled with emotion we find a denunciation of discrimination and the injustice but we can also feel a lot of feelings like the love the pain and the anger of people. It’s a really intense film that opens our eyes to reality.


    this film is very interesting, passionate because it will draw attention to topical issues:
    indeed he denounces full of stereotypes like the daily life of blacks on American soil with police blunders,racial discrimination,the facies police checks…
    the moral of this movie and despite the social differences between human beings, everyone can have the chance to come out and get there to do great things

  4. Jeyan auffeves

    This film is really touching, it tells the sad story of a young black girl in a poor neighborhood who loses her childhood friend because of a police blunder… The film mainly talks about racism and discrimination mixing with a love story and that of a close-knit family. I had already seen this film on the plane and it had touched me a lot.

  5. Béandrice.-.

    This film highlights the discrimination and police violence that African Americans experience. The murder of the young boy is so chilling and shocking that we follow the rest of the story with interest. I’ve already shed a few tears in front of this film.

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