Watch the trailer for Pablo Iraburu and Miguelxto Molina’s documentary “Walls” (2016). Be ready to talk about it in class. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

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    the trailer for this film shows the situation of migrants around the world. Indeed, he wants to grab the attention of viewers because it will make viewers understand that migrants around the world do not migrate without reason. the migrants in this documentary risk their lives to migrate to another country to have work, to flee the country’s dictatorship, for medical care, for a better future …

  2. Lucie FRAUMAR

    This movie trailer, highlights the situation of Mexicans who seek to cross this wall in search of better living conditions, “of a dream” that is hampered by this wall. Here they are called “survivors of a game” even though they live in a reality, this trailer seeks to score and interpele.

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