A Look Inside the First Family’s Residence

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2. Leave a comment : What do you think about Obama’speech? What are your impressions? Would you feel the same way if you had the opportunity to live in the White House?

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    What do you think about Obama’speech? What are your impressions? Would you feel the same way if you had the opportunity to live in the White House?

    For me, Obama’s speech is a very humble and very true speech because through the speech he makes us understand that it is addressed to the entire American population without exception. we feel here a great feeling of union in these words. My feeling in relation to the speech of Mr BARACK OBAMA is very positive because his speech invites anyone to realize their dreams but that in life we have nothing for nothing and that ‘you have to work to be comfortable
    To conclude, if I had the opportunity to live in the White House, it would be such a dream because many political personalities have passed there, it will solicit in me a kind of fulfilled dream

  2. Margaux Bernodat

    I think that Obama’s speech is sincere because it is addressed as a president, but also as a citizen to Americans. He spoke to us gratefully about his time as the U.S President and his family routine. As a former president and member of the First Family, he was able to stay humble and show that the White House belongs to everyone. If I had to live in the White House, I wouldn’t like and would feel unsafe. It is a touristy and very busy place and there is a lot of sightseeing and noise. I would not like not to have peace and privacy. I want to live in MY house and not in a place who belongs to all the citizens.

  3. Matteo TRUPIANO

    I agree with Barrack Obama when he says that the white house belong to Americans. I believe it’s important to understand this when we are president, and it’s important to be humble and grateful towards people because they elected us. So, a president has to recognize that the white house is a country’s property and a Historical monument which crossed the time and welcomed almost every American presidents.

  4. Lucie FRAUMAR

    In his speech Obama explains his reactions when he had the chance to live in the White House. One can understand in the tone of his humble voice that he was both moved and proud to be president and as he says to have “the incredible privilege of serving the American people…”. He describes his wonder at the greatness of the White House and that he is aware that it is a place of history, it seems that he was intimidated in the face of his lifestyle change. I think I would have probably been intimidated like Obama and stunned by the White House but I would be too uncomfortable facing this huge “house” and couldn’t feel in my place. Because the world looks at you when you live there and live there comes with too much responsibility. Although just going there a week at the end to visit would be more than enough, rather than living there.

  5. @Sophie

    For me, I will say that President Barack Obama’s speech was very good and that he was able to captivate my attention because he knew how to be intimate we can see because he addresses the American people as if he were addressing one of his closest friends by expressing the feelings he feels when he had the privilege of being able to live in the white house he also talks about the fact that he will have to install a routine because he has children and that they will have to be educated, he also tells us that he has often questioned why he was in the White House. Moreover, in his speech he shows us that he is humble and finally he was very honest … at least he looked like one. To answer the last question if I had had the opportunity to live in the White House I assure you that I could not have felt the same way. I would have taken it as a privilege certainly but, also it could have been a disadvantage because of the restrictions imposed. Besides, I confess that I would not have displeased me to live there even for a day

    1. Kāttełine

      I really liked Barack Obama’s speech, it’s a very nice speech. It’s a very humble speech, very sincere, in fact during this speech he doesn’t address only one person, but all American citizens. He wants them to understand that the White House does not belong to the president, but to the country, to the people. He also wants them to understand that it is a place of history that has hosted every American president.
      In his speech, Barack Obama spoke as a president but also as a citizen, which I think is very wise. What struck me most in his speech was that he spoke with gratitude, he made it clear that a president during his term of office must do his best to serve those who elected him.
      To conclude this speech is very captivating and very positive it can make anyone want to go and live in the White House, after listening to the speech it made me want to go and live in the White House and feel what Barack Obama felt. It would be a dream come true for me.

  6. Larra Demosthene

    When I listen to the speech of former President Barack Obama, I really feel his sincerity and his dedication to the American people. He shares his way of life with us and has the impression of living in this symbolic house and full of history, we can feel his humility and his pride, I find it really beautiful.Personally living in a house with such great symbolism and political importance would not please me at all. I will not feel at home there on the contrary I will have the impression that I did not deserve all this. As Barack Obama explained to us in his speech, the White House belongs to America, so I prefer to leave this place as a historical monument rather than a home.

  7. Béandrice.-.

    I was fascinated by former President Barack Obama’s speech because he seemed proud and sincere in speaking as a president, but also as an American citizen. His speech was very humbling because he was able to show that the White House belongs to the people and he was grateful to his constituents. Indeed it seems that he was intimidated by his change of lifestyle, I think that I would have been intimidated like Obama and I would not feel like I belonged there because I would not have the privacy that one should have in a house.but I would not mind going for a week to see their way of life in spite of the fact that the white house is a historical monument.

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