Being under scrutiny

Oral comprehension :

  1. Listen to the recording and use the worksheet to recap the main information.

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2. Leave a comment: Why is being a FLOTUS “the most difficult job in Washington” according to the interviewer?

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  1. Stive

    FLOTUS is a very difficult job, firstly, there is no real definitions for this job, FLOTUS is always under pressure because people expects a lot from her. But the hardest is she doesn’t have any privacy anymore, can’t go out in a public place, like she said the “Prisoner of the State”.

  2. Matteo TRUPIANO

    Being a FLOTUS seems difficult according to this interview. Indeed there is written no where what the FLOTUS should do and how she has to be. Obviously, each First Lady we knew gave the most possible to be perfect, but several had difficulties because under the spotlight, they were not what they were really.


    In the recording to listen to in class, we learned that the job of first lady of the United States (FLOTUS) is a very difficult job for different reasons: indeed, it is a job for which there is no proper definition because she was not elected and chosen, it falls on her head without even wanting it.The second reason that the job that the job difficult is the pressure because the American population will have a lot of demands on her and expect a lot Finally, this job is very complicated because the FLOTUS no longer has any privacy, for example it cannot go to public places such as the park, the restaurant, the cinema … in order to avoid pressure from society. American she remains at home, hence the expression “prisoner of the State”.

  4. Margaux Bernodat

    – Why is being a FLOTUS “the most difficult job in Washington” according to the interviewer ?

    In the interview we listened to in class, two women spoke about the difficulty of being a FLOTUS. Indeed this job is considered as “the most difficult in Washington”, and I agree with that. Being a first lady isn’t an easy task because it takes as much work as a president, even if she wasn’t the one who was elected. You always have to be perfect because being under scrutiny means that you are expected to be up to the expectations. Also, they must take care of the children, the life in the White House, attend events or be interviewed. It is a very hard profession which can in certain cases destroy the private life of certain FLOTUS, which cannot distinguish private and public life. It is very exhausting all the time.

  5. Joseph Dachelene

    Being a FLOTUS is a really difficult job since there is no definition strictly speaking of this profession, it is all the same. a lot is expected of a first lady, so there is a lot of pressure, expectation and opinion on them. Their privacy is also lost, which can be frustrating. Finally, despite the fact that they were not elected when she goes out in the streets, people behave as if it was the president.

  6. Ludcha

    Being one of the first ladies of the United States is a very difficult job, but who does not have one because according to this record it does not officially have a trade. They are under constant pressure due to the expectation of the population which is important in order to accomplish their task and do their best to be the best first ladies. But this stain has many drawbacks such as lack of privacy.


    Being FLOTUS is the most complicated job in the White House because the first lady has no defined role, she doesn’t really know what to do, but the people expect a lot from her and her actions. She is under constant pressure and is denied the right to privacy. She is almost obliged to share everything with the people.

  8. Virgile

    Being FLOTUS is not an easy job because she is under pressure all the time, everybody judge her, her actions, her family, her choices. She has to be perfect to be appreciated by the Americans.
    In the video, we can hear that in the history, some First Ladies of America felt oppressed and uncomfortable, thy couldn’t have a private life and live a normal life.
    Moreover, they’re not elected so they are kind of obliged to do this work and citizens are often tougher on someone who they haven’t chosen.

  9. jade

    Being Flotus is difficult it is not easy because she is under pressure all the time and cannot be herself. For the public they must look carefree and have a perfect life while it is false this prevents them from having a private life as she would like

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