Abigail Dunkin, the golden wheelchair basketball player

Sport for athletes with disabilities has existed for more than 100 years, and the first sport clubs for the deaf were already in existence in 1888 in Berlin. During all these years until now, the sport’s world has been developped, and news orportunities were offered to these “superhumans” to overcome their physical condition everyday. Abigail Dunkin is one of them, one of this superhumans, who does her passion, the basketball, even in wheelchair. She shows to the world that you can do what you really want, just with your voluntee and work ; and she proves it when she won gold at the 2015 parapan American Games in Toronto, at the 2016 Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro and at the 2019 Women’s U25 Wheelchair Basketball World Championship in Thailand.


NWBA Athlete of the Week - Abby Dunkin

Who is she ?

Abigail Dunkin is an american wheelchair basketball player, she was born on the November 24 1995 at Rota in Spain. During her childhood, she was a little girl totally “normal”, friendly, sporty, very energic, but at the age of 13, she was diagnosed with a complex regional pain syndrome, a brain disorder that causes abnormal pain in her legs. Despite her disease, she continue sports, basketball and even martial arts. Unfortunately, in 2013 she was rediagnosed as neurocardiogenic syncope dysautonomia with small fiber neuropathy and they said that she will never be able to walk so never be able to play basketball anymore. After that news, Abigail became depressed and addicted to prescription painkillers (once suffering an overdose) and abandoned all until she saw the video of the 2012 paralympic Games in London. She regained confidence and she decided to work a lot for being recruted by a local team  and she sucsess, she integrate the San Antonio ParaSport Spurs Wheelchair Basketball Team. After 2 years in this team, the national team recruted her and became a teammates of the UT-Arlington’s Lady Movin’ Mavs .



“I would hope to be remembered for more than on court accomplishments. Eventually people will forget the about the hardware and championships you won, but people don’t forget how you made them feel. I hope my teammates were proud to call me their teammate, and all of my coaches proud to call me their player. I hope people were able to learn from me just as much as I have learned from so many people that I’ve met in in the game and fans around the world.” 

she said one time in an interview. Abigail is a figure of bravery, she knew how to get up when she was psychologically down, she was able to achieve her goals with her motivation and her mind. Today she is a proud paralympian who won 3 gold medals with her team and lives her life happily living off her passion. Abby Dunkin | SpeakerHub

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