Ade Adepitan, the greatest paralympic basketball player

Hi, my name is Kenjy and I’m going to tell you about the best basketball player for me.

His name is Ade Adepitan. Adedoyin Olayiwola “Ade” Adepitan is a British television presenter and wheelchair basketball player. He uses a wheelchair due to the contraction of polio as a child, which has resulted in the loss of use of his left leg. He was born on March 27, 1973. Adepitan is an accomplished wheelchair basketball player for his club Milton Keynes Aces. As a member of the Great Britain team, he won the bronze medal at the 2004 Paralympic Summer Games in Athens and the gold medal at the 2005 Paralympic World Cup in Manchester.

Why am I talking about him? I’m talking about him because he has a double face. He plays basketball like a god and is a television presenter.

What can we learn from his history? When I’ve finished reading his biography, I realized that we can do many  things at the same time like him. Before becoming the greatest basketball player, he faced many challenges. Now he presents some programs and knows a lot of celebrities. And if we look at the way he started we wouldn’t imagine that.

So never give up and do it.

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  1. Morghen.Bahia

    Bais it seems to have a superb story I did not know it you made me discover it with your article and it is superb because it goes up full of challenges as you say so it’s great for him and this is an example of the basquet for other people and the one who wants it can give them an idea and that nothing is lost and as you say despite the diffuculter which had it accomplished it is dream I think professional basketball player

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