After Rumspringa, Amish teenager decided…

Adolescence is a process of experimenting and testing for young people.However,for Amish young people,they will face a different experimenting. Rumspringa is an age ritual practiced in  many Amish communities. Rumspringa period  begins at the age of sixteen.The young Amish allowed freedom that they have never had before.They are allowed to leave the farm,join a normal society.Also,they indulge in all the  vices of the modern world.When they are finished ,they decided whether to return to the community  or reject the Amish life.

Stay or leave the Amish community?

During this period of Rumspringa, a certain number of Amish young girls and boys who test the modern world’s activities  such as driving a car,wearing modern clothes,buying a cellphone or even they experiment with alcohol because they weren’t be under the control of their parents.They want freedom.Some part of them decided to moved away from the Amish community,lived in their own.A majority of young Amish are adhered to traditional rules and decided to stay in the Amish community.Some reason makes young Amish to stay that’s the family relationship.They missed their parents and their parents missed them.Also,they like this community’s lifestyle.This life seems like more simply and funny.

Necessity to break away? Would rather settle?

Some young Amish decided to find a job and make a living after breaking away their Amish community.With this original community,some young people can’t carry out a richer life and a good work.The modern world can provide more opportunities and choices that were not available in their community.Some Amish people who decide to leave the community while other would rather stay in their community.In fact,many young Amish people still cannot completely integrate into the modern world with the advanced technology,to use its and control new innovations.It seems like a difficult for them.Their original lifestyle is simple and ordinary.In fact,that’s more easier to settle with them original living conditions.




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