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In this article, we are going to tell you about a job today that could be done in the future thanks to artificial intelligence. This is the job of a banker …

The banker is an account manager specializing in the financial sector. He works in a private or public company specializing in the management of client money deposits and credit contracts. He is a privileged interlocutor, both for individuals and for professionals (companies). He is in high demand by credit seekers and is able to help his clients trade currencies or invest their money for growth, but also educate clients on new products and sell services. Negotiating discovery permissions and informing the hierarchy are other functions of the banker.

Indeed, a study has shown us that it is possible that all 2.4 million bankers will be replaced by robots. In addition, these robots will be equipped with a device to analyze each customer in order to be able to execute his request. Regarding the fairly specific demands of the financial world, the robots will have a facial recognition device to analyze the criminal. records of potential customers in order to be able to accept or refuse, for example a credit application. Thanks to its algorithm, it will also be able to advise the appropriate product (s) according to the customer’s tastes. but also, he assures the customer in all his steps how to manage his expenses, his investments.




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article written by PALMOT Jessy 29/12/2020

for the newspapper JESS AND CO




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  1. Stive

    Hey, Jessy i’m a bit mixed about the idea of a bank robot, as your said these robot will be equipped with a device to analyze each customer, but don’t you think it can be a danger too ? Because i’m thinking if the robot are able to analyze our faces that means our personals informations are some ways getting tracked. But that can be a positive point too, like you said, they have the capacity to analyse a potential criminal. So in my point of views, the bank robot can be a good thing and also a bad thing.

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