Arnaud Assoummani, an all-round sportsman!

Hello, my name is Jowens, and I’m going to tell you about a great top sportsman named Arnaud Assoumani.
Arnaud Assoumani is a French athlete of Comorian origin, born September 4, 1985 in Orsay (Essonne). He was Paralympic champion in long jump at the 2008 Games.
He was born without a left forearm, which is unfortunately sad.
Arnaud also won the gold medal at the 2008 Paralympic Games.

Why am I telling you about him?

I’m telling you about him because everything he has accomplished, despite his disability, is impressive, and very very few people would have had the courage to accomplish all this, and that really inspires me.

What can we learn from his story?

After reading his biography, I said to myself that whatever we want to accomplish in our lives, we can do it, no matter what the circumstances.
We may have challenges in our lives, but we must understand that challenges are there to improve us and make us understand that without failure, there is no success.
So whatever your concerns in this life, you can accomplish what you want, because if Arnaud had not decided to become the great athlete he is today, he would not be the great athlete he is today.

You can accomplish what you want, if you give yourself the means!

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    A brave athete for a very inspiring story.
    Nothing to say but congratulation on your choice 👏🏻👍🏻

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