Assistant-sport robot

Where can robots replace us and make us useful?

Robots can help us improve in the field of sport. Of course, there are already many applications to do healthy sports or to increase your cardio or to develop your muscles.


What I’m proposing today is an articulated robot that has the ability to analyze muscles, correct positions to current sports, heart rate or muscle mass. Thanks to all these abilities he will be able to help the correct use of muscles, replace people to be in good position during the exercises or prepare people for potential falls such as gymnastics or circus or pole jumping.

This robot will help improve the technique thanks to its analytical capacity, adequate muscle building and minimize the risk of accidents.

However, this robot cannot penetrate the tastes of the artist that it is present to help control its body and the elements that we want to learn, it can help us to gain confidence in ourselves by knowing what we are applying poorly and by remaining as security.

This “assistant-sport robot” will be great for humans.


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  1. Stive

    Hello Lucie, I like that concept I never tought of such a robot, this kind of robot will surely have a good audience. These robots will be very helpful and educative for everyone even for athletes, where they can improve their skills, or a beginner who wants to start some physical work.

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