Beauty is universal

Dove’s “real beauty” campaign was launched with the goal of changing beauty codes and redefining a definition of “beauty”. Everyone has their own definition of beauty and the prejudices are broken. My own definition of beauty is about what we share/give to others. A kind person who shares love, happiness and do everything for your happiness is a bautiful person. The beauty is about the personnality, I think it’s the most important in life. A soul with with good vibes and who stands for equality in the world and fight the injustice. Sharing moments and memories with the person even makes her more beautiful for me. I think that the simplicity is the best way of life qnd that the personnality is more beautiful than the appearance. So for me, beauty is not about the physical appearance beacause it’s just a “superficial mask” who hides the real you, who you really are inside.

Slogan : “Beauty is not a superficial appearance, it’s your way to live, the real YOU“.

This campaign shows that Dove wants to break old beauty codes. It highlightings the real bodies, and not the bodies of models. For the brand, it is also a question of widening the diversity of its products and of not basing itself on the bodies of white women and include others ethnies, like African ethnies (Black women with afro) or frizzy hair.

DOVE-Ultime Nourishment Shampoo Advanced Hair Series (Frizzy Hair, Afro Hair, Dry Hair)

DOVE-Nourishing Oil Light Shampoo Nutritive Solution (Frizzy Hair or Dry Hair)

Finally, we can say that the definitions of beauty have changed and evolved over time. Before, being beautiful meant being thin, having straight hair, white skin (top models) and beauty products were not varied and very centered on European culture. Now everyone is beautiful. Each ethnic group is beautiful by its culture, its beauty codes and beauty brands offer products suitable for everyone. The campaign wants to renew beauty and self-esteem.

The dove Campaign with real women and real curves


The evolution of beauty in the advertising campaigns of beauty product brands.

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