Bricklayer , a job where robots would replace humans.

What is Bricklayer’s job?

The mason is a construction worker who practices masonry. This discipline consists of creating, choosing and using construction elements composed of various materials: natural stone or artificial stone, but also other materials: straw, rags, earth, wood, metals, concrete, etc.

What are the Bricklayer’s exposed to?

They are exposed to many chemicals and
harmful to the body such as acids, resins, formation/elimination oils, solid bases such as fresh cement. Some chemicals even have reproductive, mutagenic or reproductively toxic effects.

How do robots represent an advantage and a breakthrough?

First of all, robots would save time and therefore build faster because robots don’t need a break or rest. Then it would reduce the cancer rate, its transmission here as well. Finally, lives would not be put at stake with the height of some buildings. The only downside would be that we would have to constantly update these robots so that they could meet our expectations.


Joseph Dachelène, The Evening Standard,30/12/20.

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