The Amish “story” is not known to most people, because on the one hand, they are a small group, they are separated from the mainstream society, which makes it more difficult for the outside world to understand them, making it more difficult for us to find an effective way to approach them and communicate with them
They refuse to integrate into modern technology, but work in the most primitive way, driving carriages and weaving cotton cloth.

They refuse to accept modern education in order to keep future generations in the current culture. But the valuable thing is that when children become adults, they have a chance to experience life outside. They call this activity “rums pringa”, which lasts for about a year. In this year, children can not abide by Amish rules. They can drink, play on their cell phones, take a car, do whatever they want, and only when they finish this activity, they can decide whether to go back to Amish or not
But research shows that most children choose to return to Amish because they feel that home gives them a sense of security, so that no matter how wonderful the outside world is, it’s not as good as home.But there are also a few children who decide to stay in modern society.

What I admire most is the Amish people. They dare to stay where they are and live the simplest life with their families
This is Amish life. Simple and meaningful

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