Blindfoot (5 a side football)

Blindfoot, also called five visually impaired football or five-a-side football, is a sport played by visually impaired athletes (visually impaired or blind). Blindfoot is inspired by football. It follows the rules of FIFA, with provisions to take into account the handicap of the players. Blind football should not be confused with 7-a-side football, another handisport derived from football played by athletes with motor disabilities. The French team of cécifoot was created by Alain Poitier. The first goalkeeper of the French cécifoot team was Éric Laurent.


According to the International Paralympic Committee, cécifoot was practiced in Spain in the 1920s, before Brazil formalized the game with 5 players against  in the 1960s and organized a first national tournament in 1974. After having developed in Brazil, the cécifoot was introduced in France by Julien Zéléla. It was created in 1987 in France thanks to the As Cécifoot Saint-Mandé club. Blind football was recognized as a sport by the International Blind Sports Federation (IBSA) in 1996, which established rules that can be applied worldwide. The following year, the first cécifoot championships organized by the IBSA took place in Barcelona (Spain) for Europe, and in Asuncion (Paraguay) for the Americas. In 1997, the first world championship took place in Brazil.

In 2004, at the Athens Paralympic Games, blind sport officially became a Paralympic sport. The first game of blind football on Canadian soil took place on February 11, 2017 in Paris (Ontario) and opposed the teams of Kitchener and Ottawa. Blindfoot is one of the seven sports chosen for the first African Paralympic Games in 2020 which will take place in Rabat (Morocco) .


Blindfoot is practiced in leisure or in competition by the blind people (category B1) and visually impaired people (category B2 / B3).

There are nine teams all over France. A season is played between September and June, where games are held over four weekends and a French Cup weekend.

Image illustrative de l’article Cécifoot ( Brazil and Argentina blind tournament in 2007 )

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