Custom officer

In my opinion the job that robots can do for us is customs officer

First we will see why they will be useful to us
Second , the disadvantages of their presence
And finally we will interview people.

In my opinion, there are two places where customs officer robots can
be effective.
The first is at the airport they will replace the controls that verify the
identity of the passengers before boarding the plane, using a laser that
will come down from head to foot to check the identity of the
passengers, for young passengers from 3 to 10 years the laser will be
less of another power.

The second will be the customs officer on the ground who will control
the individuals who are suspected of possessing narcotics, the
interventions of robots can be done at the airport in town at the
borders. They will be equipped with a system located at the level of
the thorax they will be able to put the product there and analyze it
after 10 minutes and thanks to the server they will have they will be
able to identify the type of narcotic that it is

The disadvantages that their presences might have is that some people
might be afraid to be controlled by a robot especially for young people
at the airport for example in the field they will be a more vulnerable
prey so to conclude on this robots will have a hard time getting
accepted in our society

In view of possible debt I interviewed 3 people the question that was
asked them is : What do you think about the fact that robots could
replace customs officers?
The first person interviewed was a 15-year-old boy, and his answer
was, "That would be so cool, it would be like my favorite series."
The second person was a 36-year-old adult and he told us, "I find it
very ingenious and modern, but their presence will be a little invasive."
Finally the last person was an elderly person she was 74 years old and
she told us " I find this absurd soon that is who we will order."

Here’s my article on what kind of job robots could replace us.
We meet soon for new ideas, investigations and new adventures.

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