Delivery robot : the future of deliveries.

Nowadays, letters, parcels, merchandises and so on are sent from many countries to many destinations and it is thanks to the deliveryman who transports and delivers these things but it’s a very tiring job because you have to move a lot during a day and also delivery men are not always honest because sometimes some of them pretend to have delivered the packages to the corresponding clients and steal it after, this kind of action is very common in this profession, I am not inventing, it’s a fact.

So to change that vision and the ways of deliveries of today, I thought of a robot able to delivering without the help of a human. The concept is simple, the robot will deliver all the packages that he will have during a day in independently, when the deliveries are finished he will return to the stockroom by it’s own.

The good point of this robot are : that he is independant, don’t need to eat during the day unlike humans so he will be  faster than a deliveryman, also a security against robbery unlike some dishonest delivery men, so the clients will have less stress, less panic. It will be the future of deliveries.

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  1. Matteo TRUPIANO

    Hi Stive, the idea of a delivery robot is a good thinking. This way of delivery should also avoid the cases of lost parcels, because sometimes it due to a human error. Allow me to inform you that there is projects like delivery drones which could deliver by airways, avoiding traffic jam for example. These both ideas of delivery robot and delivery drone should be used together to improve posts of tomorow.

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