Differences make beauty

                Beauty can be found out everywhere, on each face. This is why beauty can’t be defined by a specific kind of hair, or a specific skin color. Beauty is in fact an effect which shows that people are self-confident and feel beautiful. Unfortunately, through the time, beauty got standards which excluded a lot of people on society who are also beautiful, if we forget these bad society’s standards. So, with a great campaign, we have to change society’s perceptions of beauty. I think it’s important to highlight other kind of beauty to make sure that people might recognize themselves and conclude that finally, they are beautiful because of their pretty differences. In this ad, people of different sizes, shapes, styles, skin color must appear.

I imagine a world where everyone doesn’t care about their beauty, because they know this question will always have the same answer. Then, in this world, everyone would be less stressed about that and happier, just because differences make beauty.

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