Firemen robots

Today, firemen have difficulties to do their job. Indeed there are people who agress them (throw scons on their cars, insult them). There are also people who complain because they think firemen aren’t efficient. To reconquer population, government could employ firemen robots. Many reasons could motivate their choice. Robots will go at intervention with firemen(help them, assist them), and people will be impress by that. Robots will rescue people easier than firemen. Indeed, they will able to go in dangerous places (underground cave,climb montain with a storm…). However, to rescue people who are drowning or on fire, robots will slip on overwalls to protect their electrical cables. Robots will help people (climb on three to get back a cat, kill nest of bees…). Finally, robots are an advantage by government because they will be a model for children, who will surrely become fireman.

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