“From the exit of one world, to the encounter of another, the end of Rumspringa!”

In the United States a new wave of young Amish faces a life-changing choice.

A phenomenal pain

The 18-year-old Amanda returns home to Pennsylvania in tears after only 18 months of Rumspringa. The young teenager is in such shock that her hands are still shaking. Having to leave my family and face so many changes was too much for me.” The encounter with technology and new customs terrified Amanda .

An adventure of surprise to surprise.

A group of young Amish who made their Rumspringa together return after two years of journeys. Antoine 19 years old tells us his discoveries with enthusiasm. We decided to get used to the local culture, it’s amazing how different people look from each other.” It’s very easy for this group to tell us the thing they most appreciated in their Rumspringa. Amélie is a 19-year-old who is curious and passionate about what we call music, and discovers her happiness.”Every time I was in a restaurant, they had this strange object that broadcast images and sounds that were very pleasant to me.”  Numerous outings allowed these young people to discover animals and landscapes never encountered. Alain, a sportsman and a lover of nature, could not believe his eyes.” At Yellowstone Park there were some very impressive animals, I would never have believed that such animals existed.”  The sight of the new landscape made Christophe lose his head 17 years. The Grand Canyon is really more impressive than in the books, it’s amazing how a place so close to us could be so unknown.”

Love on every corner

In New York Catherine, an 18-year-old Amish has just finished her Rumspringa and tells us about the encounters that marked her.” People from the outside world are much more attractive than those in my area. You can see that they take more care of themselves, which is really what’s missing in my village.”

Aspects of life still unknown 

The reality of today’s world met its young Amish. Baptist man of studious nature does not believe his eyes. I was finally able to touch real coins, she had the face of a man no doubt known. I still don’t understand why there are so many inequalities in this country. ‘ Loraine, 19, has learned the freedom that women have in this world.” I could finally be myself away from all those rules that made my life so hard.” While Corentin was 17 years old, he was very surprised when he arrived, on the day of the national holiday. There were flashes everywhere and a lot of photographers, I didn’t understand where I was anymore.

The choice of a lifetime

Each Amish at the end of Rumspringa must choose between staying in the Amish community of their birth or leaving it. For some this choice was not very long. As for the mischievous 19-year-old Augustine. The choice was quick, I couldn’t stand my family anymore and their rules, there were about time I became free.” While for others, the regret of leaving their family and fulfilling their dreams is hard for them. Anita 18 years old from the Amish campaign near New York has tears in her eyes. I’m afraid my family will forget or hate me if I ever decide to leave.”

The thing that’s sure is that each of these Amish will keep an important and different adventure from their Rumspriga

Mathis William Reporter with the Bourgeois Company







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