Is there a pilot on the plane? Yes a robot


Are humans capable of doing what robots can do?

In some cases they already get better results, today modern robots are very competent. They can carry heavy loads, jump higher than Olympic champions, walk on rough terrain, save lives, protect and destroy.  In addition, intelligent, useful, dangerous robot  do all at once and more.


According to Professor Auguste  “Pilot robots will do the main job, they will allow to develop a fully automated flight system that can, eventually one day, replace human pilots.” The Guyanese robot pilot will be able to take the handle of any aircraft or helicopter. Better than a drone, which is remotely piloted by a human and better than an autopilot system, this robot will adapt. “There are already many models of drones that have been developed. But it will be the first robot in the world that can immediately fly any kind of aircraft,” says its creator Auguste Ludcha. Planes, helicopters, drones, all the devices were invented by and for humans. That’s why researchers will create a robot that can fly better than a man or woman would.

One thing is certain and that makes its strong point, the robot pilot will be able to go where the human can not go. Like at the scene of a nuclear disaster, for example. Indeed, because of the tsunami in 2011 a Japanese power plant was hit by the tsunami, a helicopter flew over the area to spray fire-fighting chemicals.

The in-flight mortality rate is 0.3% to 1.3% which could be solved by robots because they are simply machines.


                      We’ll see if the robot is funny to the point of pressing the “autopilot” button.

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