Job where robots would replace humans.

A job where robots would replace humans is military.
This job had positive point and negative point. If robots replace humans then robots are going to protect people and work for the country, with robots humans don’t need  to go in the war anymore or in the operation.

When the robots are on a mission, they will be able to know the entire battlefield thanks to their artificial brains. The robots will be able to obey any order.
The robots are going to be able to do superhuman exploits like long-range fire, they’re going to be able to do long reconnaissance operations because they don’t have to spend physical energy.
The negative points are that robots could do the opposite of protecting humans but killing them and fighting their country. If the robots have a technical problem during a mission, we will not be able to repair them. We will abandon them and it will create a lot of pollution.

Conclusion robots could replace humans as military as not replacing them.

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  1. Margaux Bernodat

    You are right. The soldiers are the best representation of order in the countries, without them wars could not be won and there would be no peace. If soldiers are replaced by robots, wars would no longer be equal. Whoever makes the best robot with the best resources can ensure victory. This will create too much inequalities, it is a bad idea. On the other hand, AIs are already used as weapons in current wars: missiles, killer drones, autopilot planes, etc … And for finish, you’re right, nothing guarantees us that the robots will be completely obedient and they could turn against humans due to failures in their system.

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