Journey of a champion : Jonathan Hivernat

Jonathan Hivernat is the captain of the French wheelchair rugby team.

A rugby player for eight years, he discovered the discipline at a rally at the rehabilitation centre where he stayed in Toulouse.
Six years later, he defended the colours of France in Rio.

Suffering from Charcot disease, with an evolutionary handicap, he is an offensive player currently ranked at three points.   This fighter is an example captain, hard-working and attentive!

184 m, 75 kg of muscles and motivation for all challenges. At the age of 25, Jonathan Hivernat is a high-performance athlete, but, coincided in a wheelchair since the age of 19, he does not lead an ordinary student life.

Enrolled in the 3rd year at the IAE Toulouse, Ecole de Management, Jonathan’s daily struggle is to lead finance courses and a career as a high-level athlete at Wheelchair Rugby. “I chose to live a strong life and win medals, you have to give yourself the means, he says. It is a pleasure, an honour to play at a high level and to represent my nation!”

determination that Jonathan developed from an early age. His life changes when he is only 10 years old. At the time, Jonathan played football and went to school like all the boys of his age… Until he got Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease (CMT) for unexplained reasons. «Between the ages of 12 and 19, I played high-level table tennis and I’m hooked on the sport to stay upright and keep walking.» But this degenerative neuromuscular disease will finally deprive him of the use of his legs after a few years. “When I found myself in a chair, my life changed a second time and I stopped playing table tennis,” he says.

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