Make your differences your beauty

For me, absolute beauty doesn’t exist because the beauty is relative and everyone doesn’t have the same vision of beauty. Indeed everyone will give importance to different details, this can be represented by the appearance, but also by the personality, the naturalness of a person, the passion for life. But we can maybe find what would most closely resemble alike the “true beauty” in the diversity, in the differences, “make your differences your strength”, find your strength, your beauty in your originality.

Over time, the standards of beauty have evolved, a few years ago, beauty was very precise, it was necessary to correspond to specific criteria especially based on the appearance. Today, the society try do diversify beauty, transform mentalities and make it something much deeper which accepts the most people and which seems to correspond much more to this notion.

The Dove publicity represents well the notion of diversity but we can see mostly fair-skinned women and there’s no men while they would have their place in the pub. It looks like the brand is blocking access to men which would be a bad business strategy.

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