Martina Caironi “one of the best Paralympic athletes in the world”.

 Martina Caironi lost her left leg in an accident at the age of 18. Today, she is described as “one of the best Paralympic athletes in the world”.

In 2007, the 18-year-old Italian Martina Caironi lost her left leg at knee level in a motorcycle accident, she had to be amputated after the accident. Sport played a crucial and important role in her rehabilitation and now she is wearing a prosthesis on her leg. In 2012, Martina won the gold medal for her country at the London Paralympic Games in 100 meters. She sets the Paralympic record . She is the reigning champion in the class and becomes the first athlete in her class to go under 15 s in the 100 m, with a world record at 14.61 s and for the same course also double world champion the following year. In 2015, she becomes more and more successful and breaks her world record of more than 200 meters three times … Martina has already had great sporting success, but she is always looking for a new triumph.

  She also says: That she owes much of her success to Ottobock, who has always supported her and is a valuable provider of technical services at the Paralympic Games for all athletes.

Her greatest competitive successes are :* EM Berlin 2018: Gold medal in 100m and long jump

* WM London 2017: Gold medal in 100m and long jump

* Rio 2016 Paralympics: Gold medal 100m, silver medal long jump

* London 2012 Paralympic Games: Gold medal in 100m, silver medal in long jump

I find this disabled athlete courageous and formidable for her determination to succeed in winning competitions and that she was able to overcome these challenges and move forward because even with her disability she has surpassed herself we can even say that her disability gave her a surprising strength to succeed in winning as in Rio in 2016 Paralympics she received the gold medal 100m and silver medal long jump for me it is a very strong disabled athlete.

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