Meet a superhuman: Achmat Hassiem !

        As part of my article on Paralympics athletes, I would like to share with you my impressions of my chosen athlete. The Paralympics Games bring together athletes with a disability from all over the word to compete in events with a disability. Athletes with a physical or visual disability.

           First of all, the athlete I chose is named Achmat Hassiem, born on May 6, 1982, a South African swimmer. This man had a terrible accident in 2006 while training off a South African beach with his brother Tariq to become a rescue swimmer. He spotted a shark heading towards his brother, to save him he lured the shark towards him while his brother, unhardned, was being rescued. As the shark lured the toward him, the shark tore off his right leg befor he was rescued in turn. Moreover, this terrible accident put a stop to Achmat Hassiem’s dream of becoming a professional soccer player. But encouraged in the nation by the South African Olympic and Paralympic Champion Natalie Du Toit, to try swimming for the disabled. He is re-motivated. In 2008 and 2012 he is qualified with the Paralympic Games. The swimmer carries whit him his prothesis, decorated whit the colors of Africa.

        Secondly, what impresses me about this athlete is the motivation he has thought about. He motivates himself by thinking that he is being chased by a shark, the one that took half of his leg 14 years ago. Since that day he has kept a bond with this animal which is incredible.he used the fear he had the day of his accident in competition to push him to go faster. So we can stay that he works hard mentally. It’s impressive to use what hurt you at one moment to give you strength, to succeed in your exploits and to go as far as possible in what you love. After the experience of being a Paralympic athlete, at 34 years old Achmat Hassiem is starting a new career. He has even been given the name of “the child shark”, which means “shark boy”. And the United Nations has named him the “Global Guardian of Sharks” and he will work to save sharks all over the world. Achmat does not feel hatred or rage towards sharks. this shows that he has overcomr this ordeal. sonce his terrfing encounter, he feels he must give back to sharks what they have done for him. Because he has accomplished many things thanks to them.

      In conclusion, the Paralympic Games bring these athletes back to life byallowing them to accomplish new things they never thought of. It gives them confidence. They are dedicated in what they do and courageous in what they do.



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