My ideal athlete :)

A disabled athlete is synonymous with courage and determination. They have a perfomance completely different from the others. It does not mean that they have an  ideal life but nevertheless they always want to go further with patience, courage and envy.


Terezinha Guilhermina ,born October 3 1978 is a Brazilian disabled sportwoam. She specializes in 400m in the T11 category.

When she was young she had pigmentary retinitiswhich is a degenerative disease. She gradually lost her sight. Her mother died when she was very young and her father left the family  home. Passionate about athletics, she had no money to buy sneakers and returns to athlectis when her sister finds her suitable shoes.

Her sports career is 400m,she also does long jump.

I admire her for her way of seeing things, she does not let herself be brought down by her illness but she uses this illness to have success in all that she undertakes. She deserves great respect. For me she is my ideal athlete. She performs a totally professional performance moreover she participates to his competitions by putting a blindfold over her eyes.

I chose my ideal athlete because her rage to win beyond her illness is just incredible. Disabled athletes such as Terezinha Guilhermina should not be criticized but on the contrary they all deserve great respect because they do not allow defeat in the face of their illnesses. They make this illness a source of motivation for success . This is all that makes them strong and worthy of being respected.


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