My own definition of beauty


      The society is constantly looking for criteria of beauty. but can we settle for people’s opinions, beauty criteria, our physical appearance, our features judged more or less beautiful, our skin color or the texture of our hair in order for us to find ourselves water or beautiful? I would say no because we are black, white, yellow or red, small or large, big or skinny is not the issue. For me beauty is the reflection of the soul, more beauty is found in the eyes, it is subjective. Nevertheless being small I thought the beauty consisted of long hair, a slim waist and a refined nose. I hope to continue on my run and become more tolerant and inclusive because we learn every day stop at the physical should no longer be a reflex .

That’s why I’d like to see more diversity for Dove’s next mate, so that everyone can refer to it and gain self-confidence.


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    it’s beauty for me

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