one is not born beautiful, one becomes beautiful


Since antiquity, beauty has been based on appearance, yet we all have people in our environment who do not meet the standards of beauty established by society. And for all that, these people are beautiful people beyond their physical appearance, their hairstyle, their look…

Indeed, physical appearance says nothing (or very little) about our values, our state of mind, our character, who we really are… We must go to meet the other to discover all his richness and beauty.

Many people think that to be beautiful is to have a beautiful body, a beautiful face, but the beauty of a person is not in the clothes they wear, nor in the figure they display, but in reality beauty, like success in everything, is a question of personality: Beauty is innate inside, and yes, we are all beautiful, but it is not apparent. It is up to us to know how to make this inner beauty apparent, because all beauty is useless unless it is a reflection of the inside: Inner beauty is the image we have of ourselves and that we send back to others. It is not the image that is reflected through our physical body alone, but the image that we give to see through our deepest being. These are all the qualities that make us good to ourselves and to others:
Confidence in ourselves and in others;
Love of self and love for others;

To be beautiful is to know how to love, to love one’s neighbour as oneself, to know how to forgive, to know how to help others when they are in need, to have a big heart. To be beautiful and to have no qualities is like a flower without a smell,
For beauty is not found in beautiful words or in appearances, it is found behind good intentions and sincerity of heart.

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