The paratriathlon :

 The para triathlon competition is a chain of three disciplines , 750 m of open water swimming, 20 km of cycling and 5 km of running , the best takes about one hour . There are nine categories of para athletes for this competition . The first one is PTWC1-2 .This category is made of triathletes who have disability affecting the lower limbs (PTWC1) and the upper limbs (PTWC2) They need a hand bike for the cycling part and an athletic wheelchair for the running part. The categories between PT2 and PT5 use a traditional bike or a bike with adaptations or improvement validated by the IUT . And the last category is PTVI 1-3 the para triathlete of this category are visually impaired , blind or partially sighted. They have an assistant during the different stages of the triathlon, for the bike they use a tandem, and run near their assistant. More the number of the categorie is big less the handicap is considered to be important ans restrictive . Athletes show incredible strength and endurance.

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