Wheelchair rugby

Sir Ludwig Guttmann was a neurologist at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, he had the idea to organize activities for veterans of the second world war who were therefore disabled that would allow them to have fun despite their disabilities. in 1948 he founded the world’s first games of wheelchairs and amputees. This is how the Paralympic Games were born. These same games would later be known as the Stoke Mandeville Games. At the time, there was only archery as a paralypic sport

Wheelchair rugby, a dangerous but impressive sport. Indeed the wheelchair rugby, which was called before “murderball” is relatively dangerous because the athletes rush into it, fall and there is a chance to get hurt. Hence the name “murderball”. But it’s also impressive as the rugby classic, the rules have not changed much from classic rugby to wheelchair rugby. The goal is always to score more points than his opponent by scoring the points in the opposing camp

That’s why wheelchair rugby or other paralympic sports are beautiful to watch. They are a real motivator because they manage to overcome their handicaps to go further and further. I respect them and find them really motivating.

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