Pepper finds a sales job

The robots would replace humans in the job of seller.

There are many robots used in department stores, the best known is Pepper, the humanoid robot from SoftBank Robotics.

Since 2014, many Pepper robots have been used in stores around the world.

Their mission is to welcome consumers in stores, inform them and advise them, while informing them about current promotions. It also helps sellers regularly check shelves and track product inventory.

Pepper can thus accommodate families, more precisely occupy the children, to let the parents concentrate on their purchases.

You can see them in different stores even in France like Nestlé, optic 2000, Renaud.

As of July 2020, Pepper, the friendly humanoid robot, can now stand guard in public places and warn if he is forgotten to wear mask.

Using cameras, Pepper can now scan the faces of a group of people (up to 5 simultaneously) to verify if the mask is worn. During the interaction, Pepper displays a green or red circle around the face on their tablet depending if the person is wearing a mask or not. If the nice little robot does not verbalize the person who is not wearing a mask, it can use, in addition, its emotional and vocal functions to deliver a message to the people analysed, at the entrance of a store.

Although it does not completely replace a salesperson, the robot can be of additional help and add value to welcoming customers.

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