Philippe Croizon

Despite his handicap, he is multiplying sporting feats and firsts, such as the first English Channel crossing by swimming which he accomplished on September 18, 2010.

After this tragedy, he managed to walk and do his favourite sport again, scuba diving, during his two years of rehabilitation in an institute in Valenton.

Philippe Croizon is an extraordinary athlete, he broke the diving depth record in 2013, touching the bottom at 33 m. While this pool was the deepest in the world.

This athlete suffered a lot, he begged for death when he saw himself in his condition, he wanted to commit suicide when his wife, the mother of his children had left him, he was desperate, but he fought for his life.

That’s why you have to rely on yourself, Philippe Croizon says proudly: “I love my life today because I’ve made something of it. I had this accident, I bounced back, I followed my dreams”. He opened my eyes by proving to me that you have to stay positive even in bad times, disabled athletes are very inspiring.

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