Police robots.

Police robots: To obtain more security you sometimes have to take risks!

Robots are the future that’s a fact. They become more and more independent, they think and understand things with great ease. It may be time to integrate them into society.

Many researchers have worked on the project to establish police robots in cities. These artificial intelligence have been adjusted to react quickly in the same situation that a real police officer might encounter. Thousands of scenarios have been written into their program for that the robots can act just and not brutally  in any conflict.These special robots have a speed and agility that are superior  that of a man, however they have the incapacity total to use of violence.

Thus the researcher estimates that police violence will decrease by a very large percentage. Controls according to skin color will therefore be avoided and arrests will be made in safety. These robots can work day and night which guarantees total surveillance . Despite this very ambicious project, many points remain to be clarified and a very large part of the population remains unenthusiastic about this project.

So, the existence of these police robots remains a big step forward in the history of humanity, but is it a little too risky a project?


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