Robots deminer


Being deminer is a very dangerous job. In this job, deminers daily have to switch off bombs and wear heavy protections.

If robots would come to replace humans deminers, there would be less dangers about human life. As robots would go in the field, near probable bombs, if these would explode, it will be the robot deminer which will be damaged whereas there will not be dies in this risked job for humans. Finally, this replacement could give a lot of advantages, robots deminer will be able to do things that humans can’t do.

For example, they could patrol in public areas, by automatically tracking, detecting bombs and so, ensuring safety of citizens. This is true that deminers are already using controlled robots for their safety but actual robots deminers are not able to be independent when they are too far from their controllers. This is why robots with an A.I. could replace humans deminers.

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