Rumspringa inside the Amish community

Rumspringa inside the Amish community

The Amish are a population, whose are living in some states of United States of America like Pennsylvania. They are protestants whose has found their origins in Swiss Germany. They immigrated in the United States of America during the 18th century. Amish have olds times dressing modes as 17th ,18th, 19th centuries. They have simple living. They have rejected any form of modern technologies.

Within the Amish community, we could have some traditional period test as Rumspringa, which is an event of period test for Amish teenagers of 16 to 17 years old. In this period, the Amish teenagers can go visit the outside world, to do what they want even what they are not supposed to do because of their religion and community. This period could last for 18 months to 2years, and at the end of this period, the community decide if the Amish teenagers stay Amish or they will be ostracised of the community. Rumspringa is compared by the Amish to when Jesus has been sent to 40 days in the desert and resist against temptation.

Outside of this, we have some testimonials of formers, as Bates, a 21 year old man, who has been banished from their community, because of his lifestyle inside of the community. Bates say that his parent “pissed him off by not letting him live his life the way he wants to live his life” and said that “he never feels himself as an Amish because he has grown up with the feelings that he not belongs to this community””, he has been as a symbol of rebellion by his hairstyle and the fact that they couldn’t controlled him. he has been kicked out of his house by his parent and been forced to live in a barn. they are some other example as Barbie, who is a daughter preacher and has been under pressures because she has been always watched and controlled by the community. they tell her to do or not to do.

Finally, we can conclude that being a young Amish inside of the community still difficult because of the pressure that they have always and be threat by the fact that they could be banish from their community


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