The After Human

A robot that takes over all the tasks for human being, and will help a whole nation.

First of all this article you want to discover famous robot that can replace humans, and do everything that human beings can do by their intelligence mode.

Indeed I present to you a new robot which nicknames the’’After Human ‘’. Because it has an extraordinary capacity to complete all the tasks that humans can or can’t do due to lack of time. It contains a very intelligent and powerful system also able to think like beings, being able also to make the maximum of efforts to satisfy a population. As for example on the educational level, in the event of absence of teachers. He will be able to take the same rhythm of the work of these teachers in question and will transmit all his knowledge to the pupils. He’ll make sure that the students understand the lesson and be able to answer all their questions.


As a result, we’ll need these ‘After Human ‘ robots in hospitals to be able to help nurses and patients. We will have them everywhere, in public places to keep watch, to give help to gendarmes, in administrative centers. And also in homes to help people in difficulty. In addition, they will have internet connection and people will be able to use the wifi on their digital devices for free. Thanks to their presence, they ‘ll have to monitor from near and far on the functioning of everything that humans do in the streets. They will have exemplary behavior for the happiness of all.


This is how it will be compared to use the robot ‘’After Human’’. A reliable method to protect and serve mankind and ensure the quality of proper functioning for everyone.

By: Dorisdoris, Protect and serve humanity.

February 4, 2021.


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