The beauty

Be beautiful. Be you

For me the beauty is not really the physical, the more important in beauty is the spirit and the mental. For example, if you have a great body, but you’re a trash, you insult other and then you are better than every person you don’t have any beauty you just have a great body

Beauty has had a great evolution because cultures are mixing leaving room for a new look towards people, leaving room for other cultures, other continents now have a place among the magazines of European beauty, leaving room also for types of people under represent as seen as too big or too small

I hope that in the future it will no longer be seen as good that different women or cultures are chosen but that it is normal and simple, I also hope that more men will be represented because more and more people do not see themselves as men or women or even that anyone can have access or brand like Dove and others, whether for makeup or bodybuilding products

This link show some slogan about deep beauty create by big enterprise

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