The decision of their life.

The Amish community is a strict and close community. When you are an Amish teenager, during Rumspringa, you’re allow to go and see the “outside world”. This tradition is a test period can leats from 18 months to 2 years. Then, they have to decide if they stay or leave the Amish community. It’s the decision of their life. In general, people love their Amish life and don’t want to leave it. But when they leave it, it is because they plan for their future and future family. Even if they like their simple life they have to leave because of their plan. For the rest of the people who decide to stay Amish, it’s because of the bad consequences of cellphones or internet on the youngest. This community think that Internet will impact the “basic” education that they give to their children. They don’t want to lose their worth and have a peaceful life.

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