The instability of the Amish community

What are the Amish?

The Amish are a Christian religious community, mainly Swiss and Alsatian Anabaptists, founded in 1693 in Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines by Jakob Amman: the term Amish comes from the familiar nickname of Jakob Amman (Wikipedia).

What do we know about their lifestyle?

  They are known to lead a simple, peaceful and austere life, keeping away from progress and the influences of the outside world.

  Some will say that when you come out of a world full of technology and come to Amish you feel like you are living in your grandparents’ time.

But you will be surprised that the Amish community is full of surprises – let’s give a few examples: people will welcome you with great courtesy, which is rare in this world, they are peaceful with each other and with other people.

You don’t know where you will go during your next vacation?

Amish is the place to be as a couple or as a family, to have a good time. Then you will have a different vision of life in general. It’s not just about the technology that’s available in this world.

What do the Amish think of the world around them?

Or how do they live with their departure from this very closed community?

We have a very poignant testimony: Emma Gingerich is 28 years old. She lives in Dallas, Texas, and works in the administrative department of a hospital. So, a very normal life, but one that she was not destined for, because in order to achieve it, she fled the very closed community of the Amish, totally isolated from modern society.

“I ran away, on foot, one day when my parents were not at home. After six kilometers, I called an old Amish woman, with a cell phone that she had given me and that I had kept hidden, to pick me up on the road. I didn’t know her, but I didn’t think any further than that. There was no question of retracing my steps. I was ready to trust her, hoping with all my heart that everything would go well. She came looking for me and, thank God, that was the beginning of a journey to happiness. Now I had to learn how to manage on my own, without my parents and siblings.

In this brand new world, the most difficult part was to integrate myself. When I started university eight years ago, I was out of my element in every possible way. I spoke poor English, I had no friends, no family. I had huge identity problems during those early years. Everything was new: going to school, working to earn money, discovering a new environment. I cried more than once.

Nothing is more beautiful than following your dreams and having the freedom to be who you want to be, without pressure. I want to continue to learn, to grow spiritually, to do the best I can to be the best I can be. That’s all I’ve worked so hard for. I have never regretted leaving the community, although I miss my family very much. I would like to be a part of their lives, but it is a more than complex process to convince them that I am still a good person, despite everything. I won’t give up. “( Express newspaper )

We understand that starting from this community is not easy, but with ambition and determination we can do it, as Emma Gingerich did. Today she says she has realized her dream, her project is starting to take shape and most importantly she says she has not regretted it.

Why do some people leave this community and others stay?

Of course, it depends on each person but in our opinion, a person who has had education since baby will find himself firmly attached to this way of life but what can we say about those who leave who are not attached to it and want to know the desire for elsewhere.

Those who stay simply want to maintain this continuity but keep their traditions.

So everyone is free to choose, but knowing that this community has lasted for many centuries.

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