The librarians of tomorrow

In the current century, technology is omnipresent, even essential. Administrative professions are one of the sectors of activity which need renewal the most and therefore require mastery of new technologies.
Librarian is a profession that requires rigor, good organization, seriousness and good communication. At first glance, all professions require these qualifications, but for this one, you have to be able to fully manage a library, which is not easy to do.
Having robots in this sector would make it possible to keep track of all the books and historical collection because their memories do not diminish over time. The books are still very fragile by their materials of manufacture and their age which makes their maintenance even more complex. With a human, there will inevitably be errors because the error is human while with a robot the risks remain very low.
Despite the advantages that a robot will bring to this position, there are still disadvantages. In public libraries, librarians must show patience and sympathy towards customers, except with robots, this point will no longer be applicable because basically robots are not created for that and therefore we will enter into an automatism that can be harmful in the long term.

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